Friday, January 25, 2019

Fighting the Fear and do it anyway!

Have you every felt fear that was paralyzing and stopped you from doing something you really wanted to do? What did you do about it? Did you have anyone to help you through this petrifying experience? Well let me help you, it is all in your mind! You are causing the thoughts you are thinking. You can tackle the fear by tackling the thoughts you are thinking. 

First, take a deep breathe, now that your mind has thought the worst that could happen let's start thinking of the best that could happen. 

Change your thought pattern by telling yourself everything will be okay, after telling yourself this at least a hundred times while taking deep breathes, start to isolate each problem and work on finding one solution at a time. 

Use aromatherapy or music things that will help you to remain calm while and distract your mind from the fear. And please stay away from people who are only there to agitate the situation not help. Surround yourself in quiet peaceful places to relax your mind giving you the calmness you need to focus on solutions!

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